The only surgical quality formula on the market.

Clinically effective broad spectrum instant drying spray with residual action, on viral and bacterial organisms on your hands, skin or hard surfaces.

Contains povidone, the proven ingredient in surgical hand scrubs with a hand sanitizer alcohol base containing aloe vera. The combined broad spectrum and sustained action of povidone and alcohol start to work in 15 seconds. With residual action of several hours or more.

Spray on your hands or the skin area, rub gently for a few seconds and allow the product to quickly dry. The results are immediate and sustained.
Repeat usage as often as you deem necessary up to several times a day. You can remove Povidal at any time by washing with soap and water.
Avoid getting the product in your eyes or ingestion.

Povidone, sanitizer alcohol base, aloe vera.


Pack of 6 bottles


Size: 4 fl oz (119 ml)

Pack of 12 bottles


Size: 4 fl oz (119 ml)

Supplied in a convenient pocket size spray (6 bottles) or (12 bottles).

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Killing most bacteria and viruses